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I spent a $100 a week on filtered water baths to help my son’s eczema

News from Australia. Emma Read’s son, Cooper was almost one when he developed eczema. Within a couple of weeks, eczema extended from the creases of his arms and behind his knees to all over his body. The discomfort became so bad, the mum-of-two resorted to bathing him in filtered water baths – costing more than […]

Toddler Eczema Turns Into ‘Oozing, Scabbed’ Skin on ‘Every Inch’ of Body Due to Topical Steroid Withdrawal

When Kristi Chun’s 1-1/2-month-old son, Colby, showed signs of eczema on his ear, she picked up a bottle of over-the-counter anti-itch lotion, not realizing she was starting her family on a years-long journey of doctors’ visits and sleepless nights. The Cetaphil was effective practically overnight, the mom of one recalls to PEOPLE, but when it […]

HSA Alert: Undeclared Potent Ingredients Found in Four Skin Creams

An Infant has been hospitalised for using the following topical creams. An unlabelled diaper cream supplied by a traditional practitioner in Malaysia ‘D’Splendid Kidzema Cream’ ‘CLAĺR DE LUNE P. Tuberose Day Cream’ CLAĺR DE LUNE S. Involcurata Night Cream’ An infant (less than one-year-old) developed Cushing’s syndrome following the use of an unlabelled cream for […]