10 Facts About The Nappy Rash That You Must Know

The nappy rash or diaper rash is one of the things that drain every new parent. It looks red and sore, guiding us to think about how uncomfortable it is for our little ones. Nappy rash is one of those things that cause a baby to be cranky so knowing how to manage nappy rash is good knowledge.

1) It is caused by poo and not wee.

While most parents have the misconception that it is caused by urine, the main trigger is actually poo. The digestive enzymes in the poo will start acting on your baby’s skin if the poo is not cleaned right away. Sometimes wee is mixed with poo and by product, ammonia starts to irritate the surrounding skin such as thigh and in between the legs.

2) Regular change of diaper will not make it disappear.

Once your little one start to have nappy rash, it will not go away without medication. You can change diaper more regulary but the rash will still persist.

3) Wipes can make it worst

We know how convenient baby wipes are and they are such as life saver during outdoors. While there are many brands out there with no fragrance but due to the nature of the wipes, they are still a cleanser and no fragrance does not mean there are no other cleaning agents or antiseptics. Most baby wipes will irritate the nappy rash much more and cause hot sensation on the skin which will in turn cause your baby to be cranky.

4) Breastfeeding babies are less prone to nappy rash

This is because breast milk is easier to digest than formulated milk and baby who are breastfed passes less waste compared to babies on formulated milk. This in turn reduces the enzymes present in baby poo to irritate the skin.

5) Make sure your baby bottom is fully dry

No matter how busy you are, make sure that baby’s bum is properly dry before changing into the new diaper. This will ensure that there is no residual moisture that will help in the breeding of bacteria that may cause irritation to the bottom.

6) Do not use talcum powder

Many parents think that apply powder over baby bum before changing into new diaper help keep bottom dry and fresh but most of the time, it only irritates the skin. Powdering the bottom when the baby has nappy rash is a big no no.

7) Wear looser fitting pants

A tight fitting diaper or pants will help keep moisture in, making the skin condition worst.

8) Some nappy cream contains mild steroid

You might want to read the ingredient list before making payment. Make sure you know every ingredient but the best thing you can do is to find a nappy cream that is all-natural.

9) Too much nappy cream makes it worst

Less is more. Applying a large slab of nappy cream on your baby skin and hoping that it will accelerate healing is a big mistake. Apply thinly and keep skin dry.

10) Most nappy cream merely dry up the rash

Most nappy cream in the market contains high amount of zinc oxide, normally 40% and while it draws out the moisture and redness, it is very dry on baby skin. Do remember to choose nappy creams that are effective in combating nappy rash as well as heal the skin. One of Mummybrand’s most popular balm is the Botanical Healing Balm that is multi-purpose and heals nappy rash skin effectively.