We answer the frequently asked questions on products, shipping, payment and returns. 

What is your product shelf life?

Mummybrand’s skin care products are natural preserving and can last up to 2 years from date of purchase. Our items are made fresh upon order hence you may use the date of purchase as the start of your countdown. You may login to your account to see your date of purchase. 

Where do you source your products?

Mummybrand’s ingredients are sourced from around the world including Canada, Japan, USA and China. We are constantly looking for more sources to ensure our ingredient supply are consistent. However there are still times where we are unable to get our hands on some ingredients such as Shea Butter and CO2 Yolk extracts due to high demand in quality products.

Will your product cure my Eczema?

We hope you will never have to use our products. We want everyone to be free from the sufferings of Eczema and TSW. Unfortunately, our products will not cure you from Eczema. This is because Eczema has no cure. What our products do is simply alleviate your symptoms such as reduce itch so you do not scratch as much and our healing ingredients will help repair the skin tissues. This approach will help Eczema and TSW sufferers in the long term. 

Are your products safe to use on babies?

Mummybrand range of skincare are made with all natural ingredients and never contain preservatives nor steroid. We had mothers coming to us and thank us for such amazing product that helped their babies heal and outgrow their Eczema while keeping their skin free of steroid. 

Why are the texture of the product different from over-the-counter products?

Mummybrand skincare range are 100% handmade from wholesome ingredients and without any water added. This process will make it look unrefined, unlike over-the-counter products. However you can rest assured that you are getting the best ingredients sourced from around the world and the best benefits for Eczema and TSW skin conditions. 

Are my products reused from customer returns?

We do not accept returns due to hygiene purpose hence there is no reason to issue you with a returned product. It may look unrefined due to the nature of handmade products. Please rest assured that all orders are handmade to order and shipped out on the same day of production.

Why do the product texture/colours differ from previous order?

All products are handmade according to the orders in batches and each batch can vary in consistency, color and texture. 

Why are the packaging different at times?

While we try our best to balance between aesthetics of our product with environmental benefits, we opt towards packaging that is practical and can be reused, such as our aluminium tins for our skincare range. There are times where we may run out of supply for some packaging material and an alternative had to be sourced quickly. 

At the time of writing, we are in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic and that has challenged our supply chain hence we will switch to other packaging when needed. However we always strive to use environmental friendly packaging whenever possible.

Do you have a sample?

We understand the need for a sample in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the product however unlike cosmetic products, we are unable to provide samples for Eczema/TSW products, because natural products take a longer time to see results and it defeats the purpose of a sample that you can only use for a few times. 

Eczema and TSW are long term skin conditions that need time to heal and also a clean diet to support sustainable healing. This will need much more time than medicines such as topical steroids, oral steroids, steroid jabs and immunosuppressants. We are experienced in TSW healing and we will offer various strategies against your skin condition as long as you trust us and have patience to win the battle.

Does your products guarantee to cure my Eczema/TSW?

Everyone’s skin is different and if your skin reacts adversely, kindly stop use. 

We make no claim that our products will “cure” Eczema or TSW. We are experienced in helping our users achieve skin freedom through the use of our natural and wholesome product. We do not market our products but we rely on word of mouth in the community to help spread the word on our products.

We are not a medical agency nor medical body who has clinical studies on our products and make no claims on any of our products. We list facts about our ingredient and present real success case studies to motivate new and existing users. Most of our users are our friends and comrades in the fight against Eczema and TSW. Our co-founder has won the fight against TSW and Eczema and he is here to help others in the community, especially children who are still fighting.

HSA does not issue license or approvals to skincare products and we do not have any license to present to you. 

What if I need to modify my order?

You can modify your order only if your order is still under processing status. Once shipped, we will not be able to help you modify your order. You may log in to your account and change order or speak to us in the live chat to request for change of order and we will advise accordingly.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Changing your shipping address is as simple as logging into your account and change your address. All changes are reflected real time and you may start to order. However, if you realised that you had input the wrong address for your order, please speak to us on live chat or email to us to request for change of address. This request will only be allowed if your order has not been shipped out yet.

Can I get same day delivery?

While we understand that sometimes flare ups can be unbearable and you need your order asap, we are unable to make your order on the same day. We make your parcel on first come first serve basis in order to ensure freshness in every order and this can take up to 2 to 3 working days, hence we ask that you order in advance. 

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do ship overseas however it has to be arranged. If you are ordering from overseas, please speak to us on live chat and we will open up the shipping options for you. You can order as per normal and see what the shipping cost will be at check out page.

What can I pay with?

We are pleased to offer you credit card and bank transfer payment method. We encourage customers to opt for bank transfer or PayNow as it is free. Credit card payment consist of additional 4% charge levied by our payment gateway. We encourage all customers to opt for bank transfer method.

How long can you hold my order for?

We typically hold the order for up to 3 days however we urge that you make payment as soon as possible in order to confirm your order as we are constantly managing our ingredient quantity. We make our orders in accordance to first-pay first-serve basis in order to be fair to other paying customers. We reserve the right to cancel order once our ingredients run out and we will refund you accordingly.

Can I return order if it is not suitable?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns as these are considered hygiene products. However we are ready to assess your situation with you and advise accordingly on what to use for your condition as our products are natural and have very low chance of adverse reaction.

If you have already know what you are allergic to, please practice caution and read the ingredient label before purchase.

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