Do you know what is a corticosteroid, how strong are they, and how to recognize them?

I’m sure many of us who had eczema before in our lifetime had been to a doctor who prescribed a cream or an ointment, with or without your knowledge that it was a topical steroid. Some came in its original packaging with all the needed labels while some doctors prescribed self compounded cream that may […]

Red Skin Syndrome Explained

Red Skin Syndrome also known as RSS will generally appear when your skin appears red, itch or burn, even in places that steroid was not applied. Many people interpret this as evidence that their original skin condition is getting worse, rather than as a sign of another underlying concern. RSS hasn’t been well-studied. There aren’t […]

Will you buy from unethical brands again?

On 1st July 2019, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) warned the public against buying or using four skin creams that were found to have undeclared potent ingredients. One of the brands that stood out from the 4 of them is D’Splendid Kidzema cream as they are targeting Eczema for infants while the other 2 are […]

HSA Alert: ‘Lung Tan Tsao’ found to contain potent topical steroid

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is alerting members of the public not to purchase or consume the product below. These products may pose serious health risks as they were tested to contain potent medicinal ingredients including a steroid and an antihistamine. Product name Potent medicinal ingredients ‘Lung Tan Tsao’‘蘢膽草清血解毒藥(丸)’ ChlorpheniramineDexamethasone How potent is Dexamethasone? Dexamethasone is a […]

Understanding Eczema

For many Eczema sufferers out there, they have to endure tremendous pressure from outsiders look. “I have to ignore the looks from strangers and even have to withstand direct questions from uncle and aunties in polyclinics”, said one Eczema Sufferer. Eczema is the top skin condition seen at the National Skin Centre. In 2017, it […]

7 Common Questions About Topical Corticosteroid Withdrawal Explained

What is topical corticosteroid withdrawal? Topical corticosteroid withdrawal also commonly known as Topical Steroid Withdrawl (TSW) refers to a rare adverse reaction relating to the use of a topical steroid after it has been discontinued. This reaction can occur after prolonged, inappropriate, and/or frequent use/abuse of moderate- to high-potency topical corticosteroids. There are two distinct clinical presentations of topical steroid […]